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For Websites, Web Apps, and Networks
  • Security Certifications: HIPAA Security | D-Link DCS Certified Security Specialist | NCSA Computer Security Technician
  • Did you fail your PCI Compliance Network Test? We can fix that!
  • Worried your confidential data could be compromised? Our penetration testing can expose possible security flaws and holes, and we can also fix them for you!
  • Website getting spammed by advertisers or bots? We can assess the methods the're using, and implement custom built counter-measures to stop them.
  • Hackers defacing, or downing your website or online applications? We can find the security flaw they are using, and fix it!
  • DDoS or SYN floods causing your site to go down? We can secure you against most DDoS attacks, and ALL SYN attacks!
  • Securing custom built PHP, CGI/Perl, and MySQL applications is also a Specialty to us!
  • We also offer PHP, MySQL, Website & Web Application Development, Feature Additions, and Bug-Fixing
  • Penetration Testing, Prevention, and Securing of Websites, Web Applications, and Networks
  • Our methods include Advanced Firewalling, Coding Security Re-Writes, and much more
  • We have yet to find a security flaw that we could not mitigate, and solve!
  • $100 per Hour for onsite/on-location support
  • $50 per Hour for remote/helpdesk assistance
  • Emergency Rate: 50% surcharge for Nights and Weekends unless pre-arranged
  • 1 Hour minimum for all Rates unless otherwise discussed
  • Monthly Service Agreements available - Call to Discuss your needs!

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