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Cyber-Security Engineer - IT Consultant - Network Engineer
  • Linux/BSD Server Management, Programming, Development
  • VMware VSphere ESXi 4, 5, 6 / Microsoft HyperV / Cloud Services
  • All Windows & Windows Server Ecosystems, SQL, Exchange, Active Directory
  • Microsoft Azure / Amazon AWS / Private Cloud Setup, Migration, and Management
  • PHP, MySQL, Website & Web Application Development
  • Penetration Testing, Prevention, and Securing of Websites, Web Applications, and Networks
  • Advanced Networking & Network Troubleshooting
  • Datacenter Support
  • Colocations Available in Phoenix Datacenter
  • 15 Years Experience with Linux Support, Management, and Development
  • 10 Years Experience in Corporate Level IT Support and Consultation
  • Experience working with Nine Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Onsite Hourly Rate: $100 per hour. (1 hour minimum)
  • Remote Hourly Rate: $50 per hour. (1 hour minimum)
  • Web & Application Development Rates Negotiable
  • Emergency Rates: Add 50% unless pre-arranged
  • Free Initial Consultation

I can help you with almost any IT related problem or situation!
With the knowledge and understanding that comes from 15 years in my field!

Need Colocation or Server Space?
I have a Partnership, and Rack Space in a Top Tier Datacenter here in Phoenix Arizona
and the ability to beat the price of any other equal datacenter offering.
2U Slots start at $70.00

Call Now to discuss your needs!

Last Updated: 08-03-2015
IT Services by Brentt Graeb
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